Maximise crop profitability & performance

With the majority of on-farm crop yields having remained static for over a decade, OptiYield® changes the game by delivering both top- and bottom-line revenue increases for farmers and growers.
OptiYield® crop nutrition system maximises farm revenues by substantially increasing crop yields and optimising crop quality, through our unique, advanced technologies - and without additional use of pesticides or GM.
OptiYield produces clear, bespoke and detailed recommendations for fertilisers, foliar feeds, microbials and biostimulants throughout the growing season specific to the climate, soil, crop and variety.

Fundamental Bioactive Research

We put a very significant amount of our time into R&D and are especially focused on the development of an increasingly better understanding of crop nutrition through crop trials.
We also research and develop new ways of producing, combining, formulating and delivering bioactive compounds, whether they are nutrients, biostimulants or biologicals. For this we work with a number of institutions both in the UK and abroad in a collaborative manner for mutual benefit.

Unique Software Algorithms

We encapsulate our R&D learning alongside detailed and novel soil analysis techniques into our OptiYield® computer software system. OptiYield® provides our clients with significant advantage over those using 'standard' fertiliser advisory manuals and systems, typically producing crop yield increases of between 15% to 30%.


Importantly we create and formulate our own range of products covering these areas because we have found that many of the products currently on the market provide sub-optimal or even negative results. We don't think it is useful to provide recommendations to our clients only for them to then apply ineffective products.


OptiYield&Reg; is built upon a completely holistic approach to the entire cropping system and the full cropping cycle and aims not only to improve soil and crop performance dramatically, but also improve sustainability, reduce fertiliser use and pollution and increase water use efficiency.


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