Aimed at the professional farmer and grower, ECS’s OptiYield system produces clear, practical interpretation and detailed recommendations for nutrient applications of ECS products throughout the growing season.

The OptiYield system is developed by Emerald Crop Science and is the result of distilling some 2,000 formal research papers, manuals and related documents, combined with trials data, previous knowledge and input from research & systems developed over the past 35 years.

OptiYield is a web-based, highly scalable Nutrient Availability Modelling and crop nutrition recommendation system based on a complex set of algorithms that has been extended to be both multi-lingual and conforming to the fertiliser regulations of multiple regions and countries. The equations and algorithms used are too complex to be conducted meaningfully as a manual operation. The fact that it is automated provides it not only with sophistication and depth, but also the ability to be used as the core of a scalable agricultural information tool.

OptiYield combines this Nutrient Availability Modelling with programmes of effective biostimulant compounds and bioactive organisms to provide World unique, individualised Crop Nutrition Programmes. OptiYield has a set of complex algorithms that utilise up to 30 relevant soil factors to create a Nutrient Availability Model interpreted in detail specifically for each crop type. OptiYield provides detailed Growth Stage driven recommendations for 13 nutrients against crop demand at each growth stage.

OptiYield also provides a complimentary detailed interpretation of foliar analysis during the growing season, which includes DRIS Norms for common arable & field crops (sub-tropical & temperate).

ECS backs up these unique scientific programmes with a range of specially formulated foliar feeds, biostimulants and bioactive products to provide detailed, complete and tailored crop optimisation programmes.

OptiYield currently covers some 30+ World crops including temperate crops such as Wheat, Oilseed Rape, Potatoes, Sugar Beet, Umbelifers, Crucifers, Legumes, Brassicae and Alliums and sub-tropical crops such as Olives, Citrus, Sugarcane, Bananas and Tea.

Research continues with programmes in UK, France, Spain, Portugal and the Middle East in collaboration with leading academic, research and commercial organisations in those countries. In the UK, Emerald Crop Science is actively engaged in crop trials and collaboration with institutions including University of Bangor, IBERS, University of Aberystwyth and James Hutton Institute.