Next generation crop nutrition

Our philosophy is built upon a completely holistic approach to the entire cropping system and the full cropping cycle and aims not only to improve soil and crop performance dramatically, but also improve sustainability, reduce fertiliser use and pollution and increase water use efficiency.

Philosophical Overview

  • Gaining a much better understanding of soil dynamics and analyse a large number of factors affecting nutrient availability. Create nutrient availability models and algorithms for each nutrient based on these factors and – where possible – include additional environmentally dynamic factors to moderate the models.
  • Creating full nutrition & biostimulation recommendation models for each crop (moderated for each variety group) based on crop demand, soil supply potential, environmental dynamics and grower/consumer objectives (e.g. yield, size, shape, colour, flavour).
  • Understanding the lifecycle of the crop, its full nutritional needs at each growth stage and where biostimulation may also be appropriate (this might apply further to different crop varieties).
  • Employing the aid of microbial technology to improve or influence the growing environment of the crop from soil quality, nutrient availability, symbiosis or other effect.

  • and finally..

  • The development of the most potent product formulations to provide the most effective absorption, rapid uptake and translocation of the required nutrients and biostimulants within the plant to the organs where they are needed. Simultaneously these formulations should not damage, impair or inhibit the plant or any of its tissues during this process. The application timing and concentrations of these product formulations is also critical.